Yes, you heard that right. Knowing your shoe size is pretty standard. But have you ever tried to find out if you’re wearing the right-sized sock? Purchasing socks while not mindful of the size chart can leave you with pairs that uncomfortably squeeze your feet or are too loose at the heel or the toes.

And as sock sizes vary across brands and gender to r, the confusion to pick the right size always doubles up. But worry not! This sock size guide will help you know the right size so that you can get something that suits your need and gives you the desired fit & comfort.

Sock Size Guide

Before presenting the actual sock size guide to help you distinguish between different sock sizes, it’s important to note that US/ European/ UK sock sizes are based on foot length and not on the corresponding shoe size. That means if you come across a sock size label that reads “size 9-11” or “size 36-41”, it refers to the foot length and not the shoe size.

01Men’s Sock Sizes

When checking out sock sizes for men, pay attention to the label that reads “US size 10-13”. Men’s socks are classically sold under this label. Measure your foot length – if it falls anywhere between 10-13 inches, you can pick the corresponding sock size.

Size 10-13 also translates to Men’s European shoe size of 42-46 and US shoe size of 8-12.5 (refer to the table given below).

02Women’s Sock Sizes

Women’s socks are sold with the label US “size 9-11”, which translates to women’s European shoe size of 36-41 and US shoe size of 5-10. Feel free to measure your foot length with a measuring tape or just check your shoe size.

If your shoe size is between size US 5-10 or European 36-41, you can easily wear 9-11 sock size. And if your shoe size is US 10+ or European 42+, get men’s socks of size 10-13.

Socks Size Chart

Given below is the adult socks size chart for men and women in US and European sizes.

Sock Size

US Women’s Shoe Size

US Men’s Shoe Size

European Shoe Size













Looking at the aforementioned table, we can say ladies’ sock sizes ranging from 9 to 11 will not only work for women with US shoe size 5-10 but also men with US shoe size 4-7.5

Types of Socks According to Length

Depending on their length, various types of socks exist in the market today. The most popular and common ones among them include:

  • No Show Socks – Invisible footie socks that do not reach above the heel. Ideal for both sports and fashion lifestyle.
  • Low Cut  Socks – Reach the way up to the ankles and are great for casual and formal wear.
  • Ankle  Socks – Reaches anywhere above the ankle and below the mid-calf, lends a more casual look, and perfectly complement dress shoes and boots.
  • Crew Socks – They are taller than ankle socks and reach mid-calf length. Look great with both shorts and pants!
  • Knee High Socks – Also called over the calf socks, they sit just below the kneecaps.

Follow this guide before you shop for socks in the future.

We usually don’t pay attention to the kind of socks we’re wearing until we start ‘feeling’ the difference. Most sock purchasing happens on a need basis – you buy snug or thermal socks for winters, gripper or dry fit socks for sports and stylish ones for everyday wear. Rarely do we think about the right fit. However, if you choose the right-sized pair of socks, it will provide the necessary comfort and performance that you’d notice!