Infiiloom | 19 January 2022

Socks Guide And Size Chart For Men And Women

Yes, you heard that right. Knowing your shoe size is pretty standard. But have you ever tried to find out if you're wearing the right-sized sock? Purchasing socks while not mindful of the size chart can leave you with pairs that uncomfortably squeeze your feet…

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Infiiloom | 5 January 2022

Weaving A Safer Tomorrow With Sustainable Fibres

What’s common between plastic bottles, trees and cotton? You’d be pleasantly surprised to know that they are all contributing towards making clothes more sustainable and environment-friendly. Read on to know more about sustainable yarns and how they’ve brought about a change in the textile industry.…

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Infiiloom | 28 December 2021

6 Benefits of Merino Wool Socks That Make Them Good Choice

Considered as one of the finest and softest wools globally, Merino Wool’s characteristic benefits exceed far more than any of its counterparts. Owing to its quality, versatility and sustainability, Merino Wool is a highly valued fabric by designers worldwide. Socks made from this material are…

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Infiiloom | 16 July 2021

A Closer Look at Performance Socks: Features, Benefits & More

Along with training and equipment, a  key part of every athlete’s regime is getting the right pair of performance socks. Specially designed to help deliver optimal performance, these socks have more than one benefit due to their material and make. Some sports have their own…

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Infiiloom | 22 January 2021

All You Need to Know About Therapeutic Socks

The humble sock is more than a means to keep your feet protected, warm and dry. The right pair of socks can also help you get relief from pain or provide the perfect support during an activity.  Surprised, are you? Then it’s time you discover…

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