A 360-degree approach to sock manufacturing

We partner with leading apparel brands and retailers to meet their business needs through a full suite of services, ranging from product development to warehousing & shipping.

Facilities & Scale

We have fully-equipped manufacturing facilities in 3 cities, with a total production area of 100,000+ square metres. A skilled workforce efficiently operates 1600+ Lonati knitting machines to ensure full-capacity production with zero downtime.

Pune, India

Pune, India

Established: 1995

Area: 19,600 sq. m.

Capacity/Day: 90,000 Pairs

Nashik, India

Nashik, India

Established: 2003

Area: 27,240 sq. m.

Capacity/Day: 150,000 Pairs

Nellore, India

Nellore, India

Established: 2020

Area: 20,235 sq. m.

Capacity/Day: 172,000 Pairs

Machines & Capabilities

Our facilities are equipped with the latest machines for knitting, seaming, washing, boarding, pairing and packing. Our sustainable manufacturing operations are based on Kaizen principles - to drive optimum utilization of resources while focusing on driving speed, quality, and production volume.

machine capablities

1600+ knitting machines with 84, 108, 120, 144, and 168 needle count support

machine capablities

Digi Max seaming machines and super-fine finish Rosso machines

machine capablities

Korean technology steam boarding machines

machine capablities

Japanese embroidery machines

machine capablities

Latest washing machines with eco-friendly Resin Spray technology

Product Development

Powering Innovation

Equipped with a specialized lab with a dedicated machine fleet across various needle counts & capabilities, our product development team provides prototyping, testing, and development services as per customer requirements.Our textile and knitting experts collaborate withthe in-house design team for exploring new trends, silhouettes and styles as per market insights.

powering inovation
powering inovation


Our Goal - Zero Defects

From procurement to production to packaging, every sock at Infiiloom undergoes stringent quality checks as per globally accepted AQL norms. Skilled domain experts work closely with maintenance and production departments to deploy measures and interventions towards delivering a high-quality final product. We implement Kaizen principles throughout the production stages to improve workforce productivity and achieve optimum utilization of resources.

machine capablities
machine capablities
machine capablities


We are accredited and certified by global institutions. All our processes are compliant with industry standards globally. Every product we make undergoes stringent checks and quality control, at every stage.


OEKO TEX Standard 100 Product Class - I Certification

Assurance that every component used in the production has been tested for harmful substances and the sock material is not hazardous to health.


GOTS-OCS Certified

Environmentally responsible manufacturing practices using natural organic fibres.


BSC- Grade A certification

Supports companies to drive social compliance and improvements within their factories in global supply chains.



The Better Cotton Initiative ensures sustainable production and utilization of cotton while ensuring farmers’ development.

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